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My Story

Simon Buhl


“There’s always an interesting tale behind each of my projects and this one is no different.”

Something I’m always very conscious about is making sure that any work that I do on a period property is in keeping with the period of that property. I believe this is our legacy for our children and our grandchildren to inherit these properties. I’m half Scandinavian. So I like the whole clean lines, open spaces, minimalist look, that’s very much my style. But of course in London, it’s just not necessarily the best option.

We’re actually living in history and we’re just handing it onto the next generations.

I would always try and keep the original story alive in the property and reinvigorate the spaces with a new lease of life. What I think is the key to doing a great design for a property with such an illustrious history, as any changes are a risk, is ensure that the new designs are a respectful reflection of the house itself. Interiors are very personal and people want to feel a part of the process, which I’m very open to. Ultimately, I think that my role is to give the client options that help them to achieve a design they are happy with.

Interior Design Services

Our design solutions are aimed to provide a combination of our clients’ aspirations and life style together with their taste, personal effects and vision to create an interior design brief which is a true reflection of their personality and style.


From the very start of a new build to the reimaging of a historic building we start with the floor plans and layouts to achieve the absolute best visual impact, taking into account furniture positioning, heights and levels, natural light and any other relevant factors to a project.


We offer ranges of furniture to suit the needs of our clients, from packages specifically aimed at the buy-to-let investment property market at all levels to more personal, specific options for end users. Why not check out Buda Buda our exclusive brand with a range of furniture and homewares.


An essential aspect of promotion. The aim of this service is to enhance the appearance of a property so that it sells the relevant lifestyle, aspiration and desire which cannot be achieved in a property that is a series of empty boxes and it proves to be a very effective method for generating interest from potential occupants.

My Work


The most important aspect of my work is that I really care about the properties. I dedicate my time as if they were my children and I’m always going to give a hundred percent because I want to make sure that I give it the best shot. At the same time, I look at fashion and trends to see what’s in, what’s out, what’s coming and relate that respectfully back to the property.

Sunday Times

“If you have the imagination, you can do a lot on a small budget.”

The Independant

“From the moment someone walks up the street, they are taking notes.”

Daily Telegraph

“We liquidise and spoon-feed the lifestyle that the buyer could have…”

Evening Standard

An illustration of recommended measures to makeover a home for a sale.

London Property Review

“Never underestimate the power of the first impression”

The Resident

“The key is to be as dramatic as possible without alienating the audience…”


“Bring with him a wealth of experience”

Country Life

“Identify the one feature that makes your property special”


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