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Addison Place



Addison Place

A small mews house in Holland Park which needed extra space and careful design planning to maximise the space.

The creative process started by obtaining the necessary permissions from local council and neighbouring properties, gutting the house, extending to create a new basement level and then a complete re-design of the spaces followed by a complete re-fit to achieve an open feel, light rooms and a practical, logical layout.


A lot of the time, like I’ll pick up a magazine and I’ll look through pictures of property for sale, or even, an interiors magazine that contains pictures of people’s homes. 

What I find interesting in design now is that trends return over time. Back in the 80’s, when I was teenager, everybody followed the same fashion and it was probably the same in the sixties as well to a certain extent. The majority of people followed a particular fashion trend, whatever that was.


I like the fact that we’re less like sheep and we’re more individual in terms of the way that we look at things.

The Project


I think there’s definitely going to be a market for people who love that 1950s dark wood, Danish furniture as well, which I grew up with in Denmark as a kid. But I think that what we’re seeing now is a slight softening. We’ve been through the ‘bling bling’, in central London and also the Scandinavian minimalist, quite harsh, style. And I think we’re going into a more comfortable, cozy, more soft design language.

“People are expressing themselves a lot more and also being a lot more daring with color as well, which I find interesting.”

The Project



Reception Rooms

Kitchen & Dining