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Ascot Avenue


Ascot Avenue

This was a dressing job of a new build house that had been done by a developer who had decided to paint “feature walls” in a sage green colour that was “challenging” to say the least.

So the remit was to sell lifestyle for a large family house. I themed the children’s bedrooms to make sure that they appealed to the younger audience as they have a big say in things these days whilst still maintaining double bedrooms for adult space too. The reception rooms were done in a more luxurious furs and white theme to feel welcoming, warm and tactile.

The property sold after several enquiries about purchasing all of the contents.

The Project


Interiors should reflect the taste of the person who’s going to live there. When I’m designing a new interior I’m always having to juggle lots of different factors around, but the main one generally is the actual property itself. And how can I make that property pop with the right respectful reflection.

Interiors are very personal and people want to feel a part of the process, which I’m very open to.

The Project



Reception Rooms

Kitchen & Dining