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Boltons Place


Boltons Place

A truly unique new build townhouse incorporating underground swimming pool, cinema room and 18,000 square feet of floor space.

The house was to be sold but needed to feel more like a family home as the rooms were so big that they were too austere. With the addition of various pieces of bespoke made furniture, art work from an exclusive Mayfair art gallery, more lighting and surface areas, the house was dressed to create a grand and impressive series of spaces whilst maintaining a comfortable and relaxing ambience.


 I would always try and keep the original story alive in the property and reinvigorate the spaces with a new lease of life.

If there are period features in a property, then I will try to highlight them and accentuate them somewhat. These original features, which are so charming and so beautiful, actually enable the rest of the design to be quite simple.


Also interiors should reflect the taste of the person who’s going to live there. When I’m designing a new interior I’m always having to juggle lots of different factors around, but the main one generally is the actual property itself. And how can I make that property pop with the right respectful reflection.

The Project


What I try to do, especially for properties that are going to go onto the market to sell or rent, is keep it simple. It helps that I have an agency background myself as well.

I’m able to understand what is right for the property asking questions such as, who is the demographic for that property and what is likely to appeal to them.

I find adapting to work around your market, who the personality behind the property is.”

The Project



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