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Roehampton Gate


Roehampton Gate

A key house in an exclusive location that had been newly refurbished to an extremely exacting specification.

When I’m working for an agent, it’s important I create an aspirational lifestyle that will sell the property to an incoming purchaser. I look at the sort of time period and decide what is going to be a respectful reflection of the property and how we can achieve the best price for it.


So you’re then trying to set the scene for someone walking into that property, so they just say, Oh my God, I love it! But crucially, these emotions continue throughout the whole house.

The Project


People are expressing themselves a lot more and also being a lot more daring with color as well, which I find interesting. There’s a lot of plush velvet, dark red and dark Navy blue along with the bottle green and vivid colors coming through.

If the design is well considered, it will last you a lifetime.”

The Project



Reception Rooms


Pool & Media Rooms